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Novel new agent comes to South Africa in Prostate Cancer imaging

TheraMed Nuclear was privileged at the end of August to trial a facet of one of our scanners – a whole body SPECT-CT – using a new tracer for the diagnosis and staging of prostate cancer, Tc-99m iPSMA.

It’s used in private has been on an ad hoc basis to date, but it has now officially been imported by AXIM.

What makes this so special for us, specifically, is by virtue of the technology we have available to us, we can not only perform the whole body SPECT scan (3D scan) whereby we image the distribution of this tracer or radio-isotope through the body, but we can also perform a diagnostic quality whole body CT or computed tomography scan to fuse to these images to better pin-point where the cancer and its seedlings or metastases have spread.

As the technology becomes more available whole body SPECT-CT should become the new norm in private medicine. Before this patients had to attend state facilities for the PET-CT version of this scan, namely Ga-68 PSMA.

For more information, speak to your oncologist or urologist and have them give us a call.

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